Who We Are

This is the part where we should write paragraphs of bumf about our history, our philosophies and our expertise… but everyone does that and it probably gets scrolled past anyway, so this is us:

  • We are staffed by a perfect mix of ex-freelance crew and industry renowned rental house lifers
  • We are really good at renting out bespoke camera packages to the UK Motion Picture industry
  • We are very knowledgeable and genuinely care about everything we do
  • You are welcome anytime to come in, meet our team and test whatever you fancy in our dedicated prep spaces

We have also partnered with a couple of local companies who share our passion for the industry and way of working, their details are below.


“Great to have worked NO DRAMA on our recent NIKE ad, for Jonathan Glazer. I knew that working for Academy Films and Jonathan, anything could happen and I had to be prepared. So I was confident that NO DRAMA could provide the back up we needed. It was nothing short of a cruise... NO DRAMA - No worries...”

barry ackroyd bsc

"NoDrama are a delight to work with. They are professional, agile and dependable, always with the personal touch. I only regret they don't have a branch in London!"

Will Pugh, DOP

"The team at No Drama are consistently approachable, and generous with their knowledge and experience. They always go the extra mile, and will do everything they can to get you the best kit for your shoot. Thank you for all the support so far!"

Penny Davies, Line Producer; Annika

"I was really pleased that we went with No Drama. They were brilliant and a really good new discovery for me."

David Katznelson, DOP Boys; Red Productions/Channel 4

"No Drama are amazing: in-depth knowledge of kit and a real passion for cameras, lenses and all things film related. Dependable, reliable and always ready to offer creative solutions to our productions challenges."

Stuart Bentley DOP

"NoDrama has been an wonderfully welcoming home of support and advice for me. James and his teams always rise with utter enthusiasm to the idiosyncratic challenges of each project and speedily adapt to the changing nature of modern film and tv productions. They are a fantastic rental house with extensive technical knowledge and experience on the HOW of doing something. But more importantly for me, they are also a creative companion on your film journey, curious to understand the WHY of what you're doing, so as to to assist and collaborate with nuance to each story you are trying to tell."

DOP David Liddel, Crime

"From our first meeting until the last day of shooting, No Drama in Glasgow has been instrumental in finding solutions for a technically challenging shoot. Their service has been invaluable"

Bjørn Bratberg, DOP Annika

"No Drama are our go to for camera kit on our commercial shoots. They're swift, conscientious and have top quality equipment. They often go above and beyond to turnaround quotes quickly, which is vital in such a fast paced industry. We love them!"

Sarah Drummond, Head Of Production, LS Productions

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with No Drama a couple of times now and can’t recommend them highly enough. Excellent service, ‘can-do’ attitude, and great kit! What more could you ask for!?”

Lenny Ortmann, Line Producer Dinosaur & Dead Hot

"I've worked with many camera hire company's. No Drama in Manchester rocks. Can do. Will do. They're awesome stand up guys. Fantastic support, need I say more."

Luke Scott, DOP

No Drama do really offer a no drama solution to your production needs! They are fully competent at kitting up a job at a really competitive rate without comprising on quality, I would strongly recommend them.

Ryan Woodland, Production Manager - Sky Creative

James Jones and the team at NO DRAMA offer a brilliant service, often going above and beyond to support our Productions, from Shorts to Features and TV dramas, they have always taken a keen interest in our work and provided top quality Camera Kit on our Shows. Their service has been invaluable.

Brian Coffey, Producer

No Drama's service and support was great, they were always very organised and communicative with me and the crew while giving the necessary time to test and make creative and technical decisions.

DOP Steven Cameron Ferguson DINOSAUR

We’ve worked with No Drama across high end, primetime dramas as well as on small but ambitious micro budget series, and we are consistently impressed by how helpful, supportive and reactive they are. Brilliant kit, brilliant people, brilliant place!

Bjorn Hanson, Producer; Black Camel