“the reproduction of previously recorded moving images.”
Aliases: VT, VTR, CCTV, Video Playback, Video Assist.

We design and build our playback systems in-house based around Q-Take’s globally renowned software. Our systems are suitable for commercials, drama and features with recent long form credits including Gentleman Jack, Killing Eve, Happy Valley and A Gentleman In Moscow.

We have a roster of vastly experienced QTake operators, these are the technicians responsible for all on-set monitoring and ensuring the picture is received without fail from camera to whoever needs it whether they’re on set or on the other side of the planet. Our Ops arrive ready to roll, self contained on their own bespoke fitted out vehicle with all kit & any spares/additions you may need throughout the day, backed by our full support and able to travel anywhere in the UK (and beyond…).

If the role of Playback is new to you, you can download our handy overview here, it’s a lot more interesting than you might think….