Sony Venice

The original Venice flagship Cine Alta camera system with R7 recorder. The 6K sensor can capture images up to a maximum resolution of 6048 x 4032 in full frame mode whilst you can capture 4K footage in super 35 mode. The Rialto system works really well to separate the sensor block from the body for tight rigging shots or where an extremely small and light handheld rig is required. Some incredible films have used this sensor, it’s a beauty.

  • Maximum resolution: 6K Full Frame
  • Format FF, S35 and Anamorphic
  • Mount: PL or native E Mount
  • Codec: XAVC, X-OCN
  • Media Type: AXSM
  • Dynamic Range: 15 stops
  • Maximum FPS: 60fps full sensor, 120fps max


Full Frame

Super 35