Century Super Wide Inclining Prism

The Century Super-Wide Low-Angle Prism allows for shooting down to a point of view of 2.5″ (6.35cm) off the floor and supports lenses as wide as 16mm. The unit can also be inverted to provide for high-angle shots as well. Lenses with a front diameter up to 127mm can be installed directly behind the prism wthout filters for the widest view possible. It couples directly to standard bridgeplate rods and accepts 2x 4″ x 5.65″ filters.

  • Widest Low-Angle Prism available
  • POV as low as 2.5" (6.35cm)
  • Specially coated, high density glass
  • Precision construction
  • Less than 1/2 T-stop light loss
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 150 x 250 x 190mm
  • Weight: 7kg