MonitorsTV Logic LVM-074W

7" LCD monitor packed with features

Ideal as a lightweight and portable Director's monitor our kit comes in a Pelicase complete with a Petrol Soft bag with pouches for Wireless receivers, V Lock batteries & Mains power plus all the video distribution and mounting options you could need included in the cost.


The LVM-074W features a high-resolution (1024x600) 7” LED backlit LCD panel housed in lightweight (600 grams) yet durable magnesium alloy case.

An ideal monitor for the latest compact cinema cameras, the LVM-074W offers a wide range of professional features including: Waveform/Vectorscope, built-in HDMI to HD-SDI conversion output, Horizontal and Vertical Image Flip, Focus Assist, Audio Level Meter and more.

A feature unique to the LVM-074W is TVLogic’s new user selectable Temperature Adaptive Color function that measures LCD panel temperature and automatically compensate the white balance drift caused by a cold or hot weather.

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