MonitorsTV Logic LVM-0173W-3G

17" LCD monitor

We've chosen TV Logic's 17" LVM-0173-3G as our standard 17" monitor on set. These units are rugged, durable and have all of the features required for day to day on set and location production. Our kit's are all housed in aluminium cases from Case Design and include a Sunshade, Spigot & 2K Lighting stand, mains & battery power along with video distribution - lengths and drums of BNC cable as standard.


The LVM-173W-3G is the higher end of TVLogic’s two 17inch monitoring solutions. This unit features a true 16:9 Aspect Ratio LCD panel with 12-bit video processing performance allowing for faithful reproduction of interlaced video and unparalleled scaling performance. Multi-Format and standard Dual-Link/3G support help to make this unit suitable for the most demanding applications.

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