TLS Canon Rangefinders have arrived



Our TLS rehoused Canon Rangefinders are now in stock and ready to rent..!

These rehoused lenses use original 1960s Canon Rangefinder glass with fast effective T stop, consistent warm colour tone and golden single layer coatings resulting in low contrast images and beautiful flares.
All lenses in the set are characterized by soft glowing highlights and extremely low chromatic aberration. They are sharp in the centre with gentle fall off to the corners and unique textured bokeh.

All lenses have been rehoused by TLS featuring consistent 110mm fronts, matching focus & iris gear positions, improved close focus and LPL mounts. LPL allows TLS to retain the lenses' original optical designs & their full image circle. The 20mm can be switched between PL & LPL as it works perfectly as an additional lens in our PL mounted K35/FD range.