It's A Sin voted Best New Drama at the National Television Awards



What a result!!

This important piece of television has rightly won Best New Drama by public vote at the NTAs. We are very very proud to have played our small part in bringing Russel T Davies vision to the screen.

The Channel 4 drama, directed by Peter Hoar and written by Russel T Davies became Channel 4's biggest ever instant box set earlier this year after attracting 18.4 million views on its streaming service, All 4. The series tells the story of a group of young adults living through the HIV/Aids crisis in 1980s London.

There's a superb article here talking to DOP David Katznelson and his thoughts on shooting the series. David chose to shoot on a combination of Cooke 2x Anamorphics and True Lens Services rehoused Canon K35 Full Frame lenses. The Sony Venice was absolutely spot on for this style of shooting allowing a mix of Anamorphic and Full Frame shooting in the one package. The option to split camera head from body with the Rialto system also came into it's own in numerous small sets and A LOT of locations throughout the 15 weeks of shooting.

Congratulations from us to all involved!

peter hoar david katznelson behind the scenes