Covid-19 & Working Safely; Updated 19.06



We've spent the last couple of weeks collaborating with producers, directors and crew on a variety of projects including tasters, promos and showreel work. It has been a great way for us to test our new methods and we're confident that the measures we've put in place for safe working during the Covid19 outbreak are sufficient most importantly minimising the risk to all our staff, customers and any knock on effect to the general public.

What we have found through testing these procedures is that all of our daily processes are significantly delayed due to increased time for cleaning and sterilising equipment. On average the length of time for us to check in an item of equipment is now doubled. Costs to ourselves are unavoidable but we are determined not to pass these on to our customers.

What we ask in return is that as much notice as possible is given to us for upcoming jobs, that kit lists are received well in advance of prep/shoot days and any amendments to them are kept to an absolute minimum.

We have also decided that until further notice, the minimum daily hire cost for any equipment is £200 + VAT which covers our time spent at both ends of the job; prepping, sterilising and then checking-in and sterilising on return.

We will be allowing crew on site for testing and are happy for them to bring their own equipment onto jobs at the production's discretion. Any crew attending No Drama Manchester or Glasgow must adhere to the rules we've put in place which can be viewed and downloaded below.

An overview of our processes (put together based on guidance from UK Government and documentation from the BFC, APA, PACT & BECTU) is below with full detail in our Risk Assessment which is available to download also.

Covid-19 Safe Working risk assessment 

Vistor & Crew Guidelines


Equipment preparation & checking in (internally):

- Our premises, especially high traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces are regularly deep cleaned
- All staff have been made aware of good hand washing technique and the need to increase hand washing frequency.
- Hand sanitiser is provided in multiple locations in addition to washrooms.
- Scanners, tools & workstations to be used individually, no sharing between staff.
- Whilst the government has suggested there is no benefit to the use of Facemasks as PPE, our staff will wear them when preparing/checking in equipment and will continue to do so up until a time when we are specifically advised against doing so due to a shortage of PPE or it being detrimental to working safely.
- All individual items within boxed kits will be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol (70%+)
- Once prepped, equipment to be moved into an isolated area where cases will be sanitised. No further contact will be made with equipment until collection (which must be pre arranged) or delivery to site (see deliveries/collections)

Equipment preparation (external crew prep):

- Prep by external crew must be pre arranged and only one crew member per customer allowed.
- Multiple preps on the same day will have staggered timings to ensure minimal people on site at any one time.
- Clear guidance is provided on social distancing & hygiene to visitors throughout our premises and must be adhered to.
- Face Masks/gloves will be available in prep areas if required
- Kit to have been pre prepared by our techs using method above prior to crew prep and left isolated and sanitised in prep area

Kit Returns & Collections @ No Drama HQ (both must be pre arranged):

- Visitors collecting equipment will be directed to a dedicated and isolated space on arrival and should remain with their vehicle whilst our staff bring kit to you.
- Where possible and safe, single person to load & unload vehicles.
- Masks to be worn should heavy or bulky equipment need to be moved by more than one person and 2m separation may not be possible, same pairs of people to be used for multiple items in this instance
- Visitors returning equipment will be directed to our loading bay where equipment will be unloaded and left in a dedicated area.
- Where possible kit returning from hire will be left isolated for 72 hours and then deep cleaned.

Deliveries to Studio/Location:

- All of our vehicles now have mobile wash stations - hand sanitiser, disinfectant, disposable roll and bin bags. Each will also have stock of disposable gloves & face mask should they be required by individual locations on arrival.
- Mobile contact will be established with production on arrival. Our drivers & techs are aware that they may be required to fill out a health declaration and/or have temperatures taken etc on arrival.
- Where possible and safe, single person to load & unload vehicles.
- Masks to be worn should heavy or bulky equipment need to be moved by more than one person and 2m separation may not be possible, same pairs of people to be used for multiple items in this instance


We are doing our utmost to ensure safe way working during the Covid-19 crisis and are fully committed to the welfare and safety of all of our staff, our customers and the drain on resources that not adhering to this way of working could be on the NHS.

Please feel free to get in touch directly should you have any queries or concerns -