DRAMA | Ridley Road - Red Productions/BBC One

We provided the full camera & grip package to this BBC drama shooting in and around Bolton & Manchester.



Ridley Road - RED Productions/BBC One

Director: Lisa Mulcahy

DOP: Angus Hudson

Ridley Road follows the fight of Jewish British people in a post-world war II London against rising Neo-Nazism. Shot for 18 weeks in and around Manchester & Bolton, Cinematographer Angus Hudson initially tested Zeiss Supreme Radiance Primes, K35s and Leica Summicrons before settling on the Zeiss option. This is one of the very first long form productions to be shot on the Supreme Radiance lenses and looks absolutely stunning. 

Coming soon to an autumnul Sunday night on the BBC.

Equipment supplied: 2x Sony Venice and Zeiss Supreme Radiance prime lenses

Credit to Angus Hudson for the cover image.